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August 20, 2019


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Before Hiring a Life Coach Trainer, Ask these Questions

Through a life coach program you can develop personal attributes that were hidden in you. The popularity is increasing ad more and more people understand what the package contains. One of the thing that you will find many benefits getting along there is the aspect of personal discovery when you get certified. Who doesn’t want to achieve much in life? One of the most important aspects in life is getting through life coaching. There are therefore many people who are ready to get a training institution and a life coach trainer where they can benefit from the program.

It is essential to understand the life coaching as an attribute in one’s life. There are however several and specific standards and competencies that are expected from a life coach. The clients in coaching on the other hand and especially the corporates are now in the process of demanding accreditation. Through this it is therefore essential to ensure that you undergo in the right life coach training.
We have therefore put together a list of question that you need to ask when inquiring with a coach and through the training providers.

The first question is ask is, is the program accredited in the first place? There are three central bodies that are internationally known to provider the life coaching accreditation, and they include the ICF, EMCC, and CCE . These are known organizations that have the right requires that you have to satisfy to be accredited and recognized a life coach trainer. It is therefore very important to work with an organization that has passed all their requirement. When an organization is accredited, they will always brag about it. This is an area of focus. You should consult the in case they don’t view the document when they are pitching to you. You can search through the accreditation companies like the; ICF, EMCC, and CCE to know whether their accreditation exists.

Are all the trainers are credentialed through ExpertRating? You should as well ask this question. The trainers are part of the scrutiny that the organizations that we mentioned will check onto. One thing that you have to deal with is the competencies that you need to get and the people that you have to work around with. You need to understand whether the trainers they are working with have the right credentials required of them and you can see this. Many trainers want to have an acronym name before their name when they have been approved. Most of these acronyms will begins with things like the ACC, PCC, MCC, SP or BCC among others. These are not the only ones, therefore be keen to look for such as these.

Do you have information about the mentorship that will be offered? Is mentorship part of the package? You must have mentorship after the training. Some will charge you separately, and others will have an all-inclusive cost.